The Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming, but what can we expect from Samsung’s famous flagship?

If you’ve found this page, the chances are you weren’t overwhelmed by Samsung Galaxy S9. The new flagship from the South Korean company might look great, but it doesn’t improve on its predecessor as much as we’d have liked.

There’s no hard evidence to back up this concept video, but given how Vivo and now Oppo with the Find X, have opted for a pop-up camera, it might not be far from the truth.

Read on for all the information and rumours you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S10, as well as our pick of the features we’d love to see on 2019’s must-have handset.

Samsung Galaxy S10 design rumours

Fingerprint reader in the screen

A few manufacturers have started trialling an in-display fingerprint scanner; for example, the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design features the technology, though, it costs an arm and a leg to purchase.

This rather niche feature has yet to be rolled out across all devices, but we expect that in 2019, it’ll be the year where manufacturers embrace the technology, or at least, provide it as an optional feature to work alongside a rear- or front-mounted fingerprint scanner and facial recognition technology.

A recent report from Korean website The Investor has said that the Galaxy S10 could feature an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. This more advanced tech takes a 3D image, meaning it’s more reliable and secure. All three of the S10 variants are said to feature some type of fingerprint reader, with the two higher-end models including the in-screen version and the lower-end model offering a dedicated button instead.

Image of Samsung Galaxy S9 (Single SIM) 64 GB 5.8-Inch Android 8.0 Oreo UK Version SIM-Free Smartphone - Midnight Black

Samsung Galaxy S9 (Single SIM) 64 GB 5.8-Inch Android 8.0 Oreo UK Version SIM-Free Smartphone – Midnight Black


Even less bezel

The reason the fingerprint scanner moved to the back of the S8 – having been on the front for previous models – is that it takes up valuable real estate on the front of the phone that could be used by the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has an impressive 83.6% screen to body ratio, one of the highest scores we’ve seen on any phone. However, we believe Samsung can improve on this with the Samsung Galaxy S10 – and one early rumour suggests we’re right. Giz China is reporting that the S9 could feature an Infinity Display with a screen to body ratio of up to 93%, so it’s possible we’ll see the bottom bezel disappear altogether.

If that’s the case, we might even see a removal of the front-facing camera, and instead, Samsung might opt for a pop-up camera – just as Vivo has done with the Nex S. Not only does this address privacy concerns, but it also means you’ll get even more screen at the front of the phone. A picture of how the S10 might look like has been shared by renowned tipster Ice Universe on Twitter.

There is also a video circulating the web, which shows off the S10 in different angles and colours. Of course, these are just pre-rendered images of the upcoming flagship phone – so take these with a grain of salt.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, news and rumors

Bone conduction technology?

There’s talk around the net of the S10 featuring bone conduction technology. Much like some headphones out there in the market, the technology works by transmitting a signal through vibrations. Here, Samsung might use it to conduct sounds through the phone’s front panel.

These rumours come after Samsung displayed its new prototype bone conducting tech at the Society for International Display (SID).

Samsung Galaxy S10 display rumours

One thing is for sure, we’re bound t see a new and improved screen. We expect the same 1,440 x 2,960 resolution in a 5.8in (or slightly bigger) screen. We’d be surprised if Samsung deviates far from the golden resolution. Expect it to be an HDR10 compliant Super AMOLED screen, too.

An unbreakable screen?

The most incendiary and exciting rumour to hit the scene is that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 may come equipped with that most sought after of features, an unbreakable screen.

If this sounds like an unlikely truth, news that Samsung Display has announced its first unbreakable smartphone panel will add some clout to the rumour. The screen in question uses a flexible OLED display, which is then ensconced safely in a fortified plastic window rather than glass, reports suggest.

What’s more, the display won’t be confined to the Samsung Galaxy S10; it’s expected to be applied to tablets, portable games consoles, mobile military devices and even vehicles.

Folding screen?

Back in 2016, Samsung filed a patent that suggested we could be about to see a phone with a foldable screen. So far, no Galaxy phone has included this functionality, but could the S10 be the first to do so?

Well, we’ve heard the rumoured folding Samsung phone referred to as the “Galaxy X” before, so could the company, like Apple, be about to switch to Roman numerals to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Galaxy S series?

We won’t hold our breath because Samsung’s president has said the folding screen would debut under the Note brand, but here’s hoping.

Ultra HD resolution?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a 2K+ or 4K display. At least, that’s according to Ice universe (@UniverseIce on Twitter), a known tipster for Samsung-related products.

The S10 is said to exceed 600ppi – the current S9 runs at a resolution of 1440 x 2960, which give sit a 570ppi density, while the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium has a 4K( 3840 x 2160) display, which nets a 760ppi density. So, 600ppi+ puts it somewhat in the middle between a 2K and 4K screen; maybe we’ll see a notched screen instead? Only time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy S10 camera rumours

Some fresh concept images have appeared online (see below). The S10 looks fantastic, and if these leaked images are true, then we’re in for a real treat – as you’ll be able to see there are three cameras positioned at the back. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s no notch, whereby the dual front-facing cameras reside at the top of the phone.

According to KB Securities analyst Kim Dong-won (source: Sammobile), the upcoming S10 will feature three rear-camera lenses. This won’t be the first of its kind, as Huawei already released the P20 Pro in April 2018. It went down as a hit, as the phone’s third lens helped refine images; creating a sharper, clearer result.

This might surprise a few, given the S9’s current camera performance, but it looks like the South Korean manufacturer is looking to up its game even further for its 10th-anniversary flagship phone. Put bluntly, it’s highly unlikely the South Korean manufacturer will cease innovating in this department.

Samsung Galaxy S10 UK price and release date rumours

This is probably the most unlikely item on our wishlist, but we’d love for the Samsung Galaxy S10 to reverse the recent trend of smartphones becoming more expensive. To recap the cost of the last few flagship phones, the Galaxy S7 launched at £569, the S8 at £689 and the S9 at £739. That’s £170’s worth of price rise in only two years.

While Samsung phone prices tend to drop quite quickly after launch, it would be nice to be able to buy a phone at launch without having to remortgage your house.

Going by the release of the S8 and S9, we’d expect the new S10 phone, including the S10+, to come out in March-April 2019. However, according to rumours, the Galaxy S10 might even come out earlier than expected due to a foldable Samsung phone – which means we might see the S10 at CES 2019, in early January instead. Only time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy S10 name: The Samsung Galaxy X?

As for the name, it would make sense for the phone to be named the Galaxy S10, however, it’s Samsung’s official 10-year anniversary of the series, so don’t be surprised to see it named: The Samsung Galaxy S, or the Samsung Galaxy X. It’s very Apple, we know, but it would make sense given the current marketing trend across different manufacturers.

We’ll be sure to update this segment of the article once there are more concrete details of the phone’s name.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Other rumours

Software: Android P

We anticipate seeing Android Pie used in the latest S10. Google’s latest operating system has yet to come to a Samsung device, though, we suspect it’ll come out as an OTA update to the S9 soon. Still, the S10 is likely to ship with Android Pie out-the-box.

Processor: Snapdragon 855

Samsung generally gets first dibs on Qualcomm’s newest processors, so we expect their next CPU to feature in the Galaxy S10. Recent reports have said that the 7nm chip will be mass-produced in the final quarter of this year, dovetailing nicely with the S10’s rumoured early 2019 release date.


Now, a tantalising teaser video of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has emerged on YouTube, the mock-up stemming from the Concept Creator account. The video reveals a sleek, black handset with mesmerising attention to detail; it’s not an official leak, but with production value like this, it might as well be.

Concept Creator also took to Twitter to share an image of what he anticipated the Samsung Galaxy S10 looking like. The image revealed a black triple-lens camera, with a red dual-lens camera beside it.

However, not everyone took Concept Creator’s mock-ups as read; reputable leaker Ice Universe commented on the tweet saying cryptically, “Samsung may be bolder than you think”. If the Galaxy S9 left you feeling cold due to its lack of innovation and overhaul, then it’s not looking likely that the company will make the same mistake again.

5G connectivity

If true, the S10 won’t be the first smartphone to come equipped with 5G. The rumour stems from reputable leaker Ice Universe, who took to Twitter to share the disappointing news: “Samsung will launch 5G in March next year, but only 5G will be opened in few regions of the world,” he explained.

“It is reasonable for Samsung not to carry 5G on S10. 5G baseband may bring instability and heat. Samsung will release a 5G dedicated mobile phone.”

So what exactly is the S10 missing out on? 5G is an umbrella term for the fifth generation of mobile networks, boasting substantially faster speeds than its 4G predecessor. Lab tests reveal speeds of up to 4.5Gbps, which roughly translates in the real world as 10 or even 20 times faster than the existing.

It’s a shame for the S10 to lose out on 5G, although after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, we don’t blame Samsung for not wanting to bring “instability and heat” into the mix again…


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