With InTouch Mobile, you can access all the information and resources you are used to taking advantage of online, on your smartphone or tablet – which means you can respond to customers faster and get ahead of the competition.

All of us seem to be checking our mobiles constantly today, so it is little wonder that many Tech Data customers make increasing use of the InTouch Mobile, the mobile version of the ecommerce site designed specifically for use on smartphones and tablets.

Launched around 18 months ago, InTouch Mobile has become very popular, said Emma Crawford, E-Business Manager at Tech Data UK. ‘Mobile is not just the future – it’s the here and now and we’ve seen the number of customers using InTouch Mobile rising steadily over the past year, so that we now have around 5,000 regular visitors every month and it’s getting bigger all the time.’

InTouch Mobile brings the comprehensive access to real-time product information, availability and pricing that resellers are used to having on their desktop, to their smartphone and tablet screens.

Core functionality
It is designed to look and feel like the smartphone apps everyone now uses every day. The mobile-optimised pages have all the core functionality of InTouch and are also friendly and intuitive, so that resellers can use them to increase interaction with customers and open-up new opportunities.

An ‘invisible pricing mode’ feature allows products to be shown on the screen of a mobile device without displaying the buy price. This makes it easier to share information with customers.

A limited version of the site (without price or availability showing) is also accessible; as it is not necessary to have a Tech Data account or log-in to see these pages, resellers and their customers can browse and explore different products options together. In such scenarios, InTouch Mobile becomes a useful selling tool, allowing product details to be called up and compared without pricing becoming a factor too early.

Registered customers can access all the main functions of the desktop version of InTouch, such as the product search and information, ordering and tracking, on the mobile version. In addition, they can easily transfer a shopping basket from a mobile device to a team member in their office, allowing them to maintain centralised control of purchasing. Navigation tools such as the Category Stores and other resources, including the Credit Elevator, can also be accessed on the mobile-optimised version.

Time and effort invested
Emma said: ‘A lot of thought, time and effort has gone into making InTouch Mobile intuitive and responsive. We based almost everything we did on customer feedback and as a result, all the features we put into InTouch Mobile are being used. Resellers with field-based sales teams find it especially useful.

‘Being able to look up information on the go, get accurate, up-to-the-minute availability and pricing on any product, and even place, process, track and manage orders via a smartphone is proving to be very useful.’

With all these features and the convenience of being able to access and use InTouch from anywhere and on any mobile or tablet device, it’s easier to respond faster and more accurately to customer enquiries and to share information, interact and explore the options with them on the spot.

If you are not making use of InTouch Mobile already, but would like to find out more, please contact Emma Crawford by calling 01256 864 943 or emailing emma.crawford@techdata.co.uk

Getting started – maybe a webinar will help?
If you do find it’s a challenge to really get yourself started on InTouch, it may be worth taking in one of our weekly interactive webinars, which we run every Friday morning at 11.00am – click here to sign-up www.techdata.co.uk/InTouch/Webex

We are also looking at running a special series of webinar sessions for customers who are new to InTouch on how to go about getting set-up and purchasing online with Tech Data.

If you are interested in attending a webinar, or you have any questions about InTouch, please let us know by emailing Emma.Crawford@techdata.co.uk


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